Beauty has no age! Ancient Greek and Roman statues have become a symbol and model of beauty throughout the ages.
“The sculptor condemned me to eternity!” these statues I saw in museums seemed to be whispering to me. Although time takes its toll even on a stone face, acts of vandalism, earthquakes or other accidents mutilate these magnificent sculptures, they still remain fascinating today.

After witnessing so many events in this world for millennia, would they willingly return to merge into the rock they came from if they could?

Symbolically, I gave them this chance through the watercolor-collage series.

I photographed all these sculptures in archeology museums in Athens, Heraklion, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Milan, Florence, Copenhagen and London in the last 20 years. I painted in different locations, on the Côte d’Azur, in the south of France and then in Bucharest, Romania. Modern and contemporary sculptures are also represented in the same context.

Technique: mixed media (photography, digital print on tracing paper, collage, watercolor, monotype) on Hahnemuhle paper 425g/m, dimensions 24×32 cm, 30×40 cm, 50×70 cm, 10×15 cm 2019.

Some of these artworks are in private collection  in Germany and UK.