It was a strange winter, with fog and gloomy weather…, like the times we live in… But it will change, better ones will come!

Between 1994-1995 I was employed at ARTFIL, the porcelain factory in Sighisoara, where I worked as a ceramist painter. There I had the opportunity to experiment with minimalist painting techniques and became passionate about Asian art. Later I returned to this genre in watercolor painting. The works featured in this exhibition are painted with liquid charcoal and calligraphic ink on professional 100% cotton Lanaquarelle watercolor paper, 300g/m. This monochrome approach, where we used only shades of gray and black, was a challenge in rendering the winter atmosphere. The briars on thistles, the reeds in the snow or the willow branches in the thick fog are all actually imaginary landscapes. In reality I have seen them before, in frosty and snowy winters of another time, not like the present one. I tried to reproduce the frozen air with the flakes shattered by the blizzard or the fragility of some plants caught in the snow, those moments between day and night, ephemeral anyway.

These paintings were exhibited in January 2022 at Seneca Anticafe in Bucharest.

Tecnique: watercolor – liquid charcoal and calligraphic ink on paper, sizes; 19×28 cm, 28×38 cm, 2021-2022

Some of these artworks are in private collection  in Romania.